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You can live here, Wyclef Jean!


Wyclef Jean has announced he someday would like to move to Sandviken. But everyone who’s been in the market for a house or an apartment knows how difficult it can be to find something suitable. Therefore Arbetarbladet has decided to help the artist browse through the houses in Sandviken.


Wyclef Jean. Would you like…

Something close to the nature?

Wyclef, you’ve once said that one of the reasons you like Sandviken so much is because of the nature. So maybe Kungsbergets old rest cabin could be something for you? You can get these three rooms and the accompanying 57 200 square feet of land for 3 125 000 swedish crowns. 

Something more discreet?

Being the big star that you are Wyclef Jean, it’s pretty likely you will be recognized on the small streets of Sandviken. So maybe a more discreet and anonymous apartment would be nice and cozy for you to rest in! In Örta there is this nice one bedroom apartment available.

A ski-cabin?

Do you like to swoosh down the ski slopes? Then you have this 85 square feet cabin with a sleeping loft for 2 545 000 crowns.

The most expensive?

On Hedåsvägen lies the house that right now has the highest requested price in Sandviken. Suitable for a star like you! This 450 square feet big house has nine rooms and is described as pompous. It will be yours for only 4 950 000 crowns.

Something near the lake?

In this holiday cottage you will be surrounded by the lake Storsjön. Perfect for a quick dip in the water after a long exhausting day in the studio. It’s available for 1 200 000.

Put on the overall and fetch a hammer?

Who doesn’t like the feeling of living in a house that you’ve built with your own hands? If you like hard work and a good workout you can build your own home. Maybe on this piece of land for 150 000 crowns.

And Wyclef, if you need more inspiration you can check out this site for more houses available in Sandviken.

P.S, all the prices are in swedish crowns.

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