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The water leak in Gävle and how it affects you

Vattenläckan på Brynäs
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75 000 people in Gävle will be affected by the water leak in Brynäs until Sunday. Below is a summary of what has happened - and how it might affect you.

THE ALARM: The emergency services first got the alarm that several streets in Gävle were flooded with over three decimeters of water at 02.31 hours. As it turned out an acute water leak had emerged on the pipes carrying the drinking water. Hence the water was shut down through out the entirety of Brynäs. Large parts of the Gävle pipes were without pressure .

THIS MANY ARE AFFECTED: The affected areas in Gävle are Oppala, Björke, Åbyggeby, Hille, Forsby, Strömsbro, Sätra, Näringen, norr, centrum, söder, Brynäs, Andersberg, Hemlingby, Bomhus and Karskär. 75 000 people in total are affected.

WHAT CAN YOU DO: On their website Gästrike Vatten recommends everybody in Gävle to boil their drinking and cooking water as a precaution. For bacteria to die, getting the water to the boil is enough. Therefore it is okay to boil macaroni, vegetables and other foods. Although you should boil your water before brushing your teeth.

The recommendation applies to the entirety of Gävle City, with the exceptions of Furuvik, Hagaström, Valbo, Forsbacka, Hedesunda, Axmar, Hamrångefjärden, Bergby and Totra.

You can keep on showering, washing and doing the dishes as usual.

About 75 residences of Brynäs are still without water. Everyone not getting water flow through their taps can collect water by the Mejselgatan/Tredje tvärgatan crossroads. A water tank will be positioned at Mejselgatan. Bring your own bottles or such to fill. The tanks standing by the hospital is only meant for the hospital, and not private citizens.

PROGNOSIS: Appliances to fix the leak at Brynäs is being sent to Gästrike vatten. You will have to boil your water until Sunday.

Below is a video of the press conference on the leak. It is in swedish.


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